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Animation @ Gnurad During their stay at Gnurad, the students are exposed to a range of different multimedia and technology to aid their presentation skills. One of the more popular classes is the animation class. During this workshop, students are exposed to a range of animation techniques and resources, such as claymation, hand drawn flip book animation and stop-motion animation.

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The students then plan a concept which is based on a part of their Gnurad experience. The students also storyboard a short script for their animation, which then leads to the creation of characters and sets. Finally, the animation is photographed, edited and produced with audio files to enhance the finished video. The various components of the production are compiled using movie making software on the student laptops.

These short animated films are then collated and presented during the “Gnurad Rocks Short Film Festival.” Many students continue to develop their animation skills throughout the term with the intent of creating meaningful memorabilia and engaging CLP presentations.

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Farmer Jim

Lonely Volcano

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