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School for Student Leadership is 10 years old this year, and to celebrate we are seeking memories from past students, families, parents, carers, staff, teachers from home schools, anyone who has been touched by our program.... from all campus’s to share here.

What was your favourite thing at SSL – Expos? Bike riding? Staff? Roommates? What was it like being away, or having your child away, or making a new friend, or completing your CLP....Tell us about your time at SSL, what are you favourite moments and lessons, tell us about your memories.

Don't forget to include the term and year you were at a SSL Campus.

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  1. I loved it and still do!
  2. Gnurad was awesome! keep up the good work teachers! Have fun kids! ;-) (hey mista d- luv joseph and jacob) xxx
  3. Gnurad Gundidj - best thing of my life. Made the bestest friends ever. Taught me so much great stuff. Thanks to all the teachers. Love you guys xx :-)
  4. Snowy River Campus 8-)

    milestone of my life, will never forget it... once in a lifetime experience that taught me some things that i couldn't possibly learn anywhere else. Me met by far the most FANTASTICAL people in the world that have changed my life forever.... love you and miss you guys :P
  5. GG was the best time ive ever had.
    the people ive met there are now some of my closet friends! ( and im with one right no... DAISY!)

    HAHA ill never forget GG it now apart of me
  6. GG was the best time ive ever had, everyone still catches up and where amazingly close ( im with hannah now)
    i love GG and miss it heaps8-)
  7. best term of my whole life i wish i could go back and do it again, i learnt so much about myself! and other people and being a better leader :-), thankyou! thankyou thankyou!!!!! love tash :) xoxoxo
  8. GG was awesome!!! Understanding peoples brains has helped me alot in life. The staff were really nice and helpful even when I did one of the stupidest things of my life, they know what I'm talking about. It was hard work but definately worth it. I might visit when I have my P's.
    Love you all and hope you're doing well.
    Love From
    Special K
  9. This was one of my best experiences! Have been teeling everyone with the opp to do this togo forit!!
    Missing everyone i attended there, and wanna see you guys again!
  10. Gnurad-Gundidj was a great experience, i loved it and miss everything about it. i learnt a lot and i made some best friends for life. thanks to the teachers and cooks :)
  11. Going to Gnurad was the best choice I've ever made in my life I reckon. It was host to the best staff know to man (in my opinion). Didn't miss the small town of Murtoa for a second while I was there at GG. It taught me lessons i will never forget, and I made friends that I won't ever stop seeing (we've got a reunion happening on May 15th). Gnurad Gundidj will forever remain a part of me 8-)
    With love,
    Jake L
  12. Gnurad Gundidj, was the best experince of my life. I am so glad i went. memorable moments like expo with the boys forgetting there tent poles, using all the flour for the stew, having different coloured porridge. and the GHOST in monique's and my room. i will never forget. I had a excellent time and miss everyone like crazy.
  13. [b]I think my most memorible moment would of been canoeing on hopkins river with Ms Moroney and the canoe capszing in that freezing cold water.. and on expo 2 when i went through a massive mud puddle and got stuck haha... GG was the best 9 weeks of my life! :-)
    hope to see everone soon.
    sally xox
  14. The best and most rewarding experience I have ever been a part of. The memories and friends I made at Gnurad will stay with me forever. I learnt things I never thought I could, and now all the skills and life lessons learnt are part of my life back home! Only the best teachers in Melbourne 8-)
  15. Snowy River Campus :-D
    enjoyed it sooooo much! thinking back to year 9 is scary especially doing year 12 now but remembering everyone and everything about alpine is a great memory to have!!
    havent seen most of our group for almost 3 years! so planning the reunion at the start of next year before they all go off to uni and their big adventures!!
    remember having great teachers and also a great janitor MR. Smart :P Lately been missing everybody. Hope to see them soon.
    Jess xo
  16. Gnurad-Gundidj was the best time ever. i learnt to be persistant in expo, to believe in myself, I learnt to be patient and positive when talking to people and the best thing i learnt was how to be myself, all the time, not hiding anything.

    Miss Everyone

    Laura #21

    P.S. And of course STEVE (the shop)
  17. Some of the best times of my life, totally amazing. changed me forever.;-)
  18. Gnurad was amazing,
    i'll never forget in the bus on the way to warnambool when mr smith just "decided" to raise the roof while dricing.
    the friends i made will last me forever and i'm so lucky and proud that i got to go 8-)
  19. My nine weeks at Gnurad Gundidj were easily the best nine weeks of my life. The teachers, night staff, Helen and Leonie, Mrs. Maloney and of course Mr. Castersen were the best group of teachers (and important people) in the whole world.

    The kids i met at Gnurad in term 3 and the kids i met at ClP day were the most amazing kids in the world. Some of the friendships i made are friendships that are going to last for the rest of my life.

    Miss Ripper was the best liason teacher ever, even though the day we first met her she was a lamb :P

    My time at gnurad is something i will never forget.

    haha Sally and i had some amazing times in our room, from sleeping in our cupboards to playing monopoly late at night :)

    best time of my life.

    best people in the world.

    life long friendships.

    best place in the world.

  20. [b]Gnurad Gundidj Pioneer (:[/b]
    Memorable moment # 37: Hiding in the expo equipment shed after cleaning the bikes. The other group had just arrived back from expo and were confused because no one was around. Guess who got a surprise when they lifted the shed door (:

    Memorable moment # 49: April fools day. Enough said.

    Goodtimes. Good luck to all future groups and I hope the teachers and staff are well :-)
  21. Being a GG Pioneer, was the best experience of my life!
    The teachers are so caring.
    Haha, yes Lisa, that day in the shed :-D
    April Fools Day -falls off chair- funniest EVER! (Trouble makers were hilarious :P )

    I hope all of the teachers are well and I hope to come and visit soon.
    Good luck to future participants of the School for Student Leadership, I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

    I miss you Ms Ripper
  22. Since coming back from Gnurad it felt like I didn't even go but it opened up a lot of opportunities for me and changed my life for the better. As all the teachers would agree when I arrived I was very arrogant and stubborn but through a lot of harsh words and talks they made me into a better person. I met great people who I only get to see occasionally but when I do it's great and I have a lot of great memories to look back on. I'm glad I went and I hope everyone who decides to go in the future has a great time.
  23. GG was an amazing experience and we shared loads of memories :)
    haha i had forgotten about the bike shed till now :)
    most of the memories i have came from expo and were do i being it was awesome fun everything from jumping on bouncy mud to pushing each other off a pier.

    Miss GG and everyone that was involved with it in term 1 2009 wish i could go back and relive the memories of the other students and teachers especially my expo group and miss ripper
  24. DA YU MA !!!! is all i can say about GG!!!!...i love it to bits and think every tiny little aspect about it is EPIC!!!!.......i miss all of my friends like crazy AND all the teachers too...........GNURAD GNUNDIJ!!!!!!!!!......term 1 ppl will get it..:P...ILY!!!!!!!
  25. i miss gnrud even after one year. i found it extreamly fun:-D, and got so much out of it! i encourage anyone to applie! love to all the teachers and students from term 2 2009. XOX
  26. Was the best time of my life,I miss everyone who I was there with. Thank you to all the staff and students who made it what it was. xoxoxo
  27. I miss Gnurad so much so to the current kids there, enjoy everything you do.
    Thankyou so much teachers and Miss Ripper for the best term of my life!:-D
  28. Hi all,

    Wow How much I miss GG it's ridiculous. I miss all my friends from there, all of the teachers and all of the classes.
    Hmm My favourite thing.... Making friends. I also loved surfing.
    Thing I miss the most...... Ms Ripper being mischiveous. Sabotaging all of our outdoor classes. Well good luck to her next group

  29. what was G.G again??
    nuh i remember G.G was the most awesomest experience ever i was so happy to be selected!
    i was only the best student to attend!
    i miss everyone students & staff!
    yes you too Mr Whitmore
    squireronald fuzzard the 3rd
  30. Gnurad-Gundidj was THE most amazing experience of my life :) at first the weather had me sad, but I got over that and had the best time of my life.
    Everything was fun, CLP day, LLP day and expos-even though i couldn't ride my bike in the first one due to a clumsy bunkbed accident lol.
    I love everyone from there and miss them all :) My roommate was the sweetest girl, Katie :) from Ballarat and i met amazing people who i still see (last weekend actually :) )
    Overall the whole experience from muddy bike rides to mountain climbing to surfing to learn about the brain quadrants was awesome and nothing can compare. The teachers, staff and overnight supervisors were incredible especially Frankston's liasion teacher Mr. Hastings :)
    My thanks goes to them for making term 3 2009 the best two months of my life :D
    Marley T309
  31. i miss gnurad gundidj soo much! i miss all the teachers and all the other students. thankyou so much because without you all , it wouldn't have been the same. love you gg!
  32. Thankyou soo much to everyone involved with the schools for student leadership. i loved every minute of it and wish i could go back again. I love Gnurad Gundidj and everyone to do with it. thanks for a great term and love you all!
  33. Gnurad Gundidj was a fresh start to life for me where I could leave me and my past behind and find out who I want to be and hoe i want to become that person. Gnurad Gundidj really helped me find myself and the person I have become from the experience. It was an experience that i will never for get and that i will hold with me forever. I made so many new friends that I will have for the rest of my life not only the students that attended at the time but the staff as well
  34. Gnurad Gundidj was probably one of the most amazing times of my life and i still miss it so much after nearly a year!
    I made the most amazing friendships there that will hopefully last a lifetime. We had so many fun and memorable times. And i left a better person then i was before...
    I would recomend to anyone to definately go for it if there given a chance.
  35. Heeey all!!!
    Wow... what i loved about gg... this could take a while :P Gnurad was like a life makeover for me... i never knew what people meant about spring cleaning their minds until going there. All i can say is that it was insanely awesomely EPIC and that i would do it allll over again in a heartbeat :-D
    i miss EVERYONE a heap nd i wouldnt have changed a thing.
    i cant list them all but some of my best memories were those of MUD, andrews cooking :P catwalks and some ama zing preformances!!
    lovee you and miss you :'( 2a you are 2awesome!!!! and t1 2010 guys hellooooo :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  36. i cannot think of a word that would be good enough to describe Gnurad. I changed so much going, but it was a good change. Love to all the teachers, thank you for making my stay MAGICAL. LOVE YOU SOPH AND CAT!
  37. GG was the best experience ever. I thank everybody for the experience and helping me change my life. i couldnt have made the friends i have and changed with out yor support. i love gg and will miss it forever:-D
  38. To any who have attended you know what i mean. This institute makes the best from its students. It puts you in situations you will hate but you come out better. But for any who are going to or are even thinking of going to the School for Student Leadership, Do it. You will not regret any moment you spend. It will be the best of your life.
  39. it was the best thing i have evva done in my life!! it will be something that i will remember foreva!!!!:P:-D ima miss GG:'(
  40. Gnurad Gundidj was the most amazing experience of my life. The friendships you make are unforgettable, and the things we got up to will make me smile for years to come. It was defintiely worth attending GG with the other 39 brilliant students and also the awesome teachers. Thankyou so much for giving me the oppurtunity :) i wouldn't have traded it for the world :D
  41. Gnurad Gundidj was the best 9 weeks of my life. I'm so glad i had the oppertunity to do something like this!

    Friendships and memories that have lasted, and that will continue to last a lifetime. Every new day at GG was something new, something unexpected.

    you get put in so many situations that you would dread, but everyone is so supportive and you come out a better person.

    I'm still seeing everyone from GG T3 09, and looking for more, similar things to do.

    I miss GG, and im so lucky i got to go.
    Thank you to all teachers and students who made it, what it was. :)

  42. i miss GG so much it was the best thing i have done so far and i will never forget the experience and the people and teachers i meet.
    i will never forget the comps mr smith

  43. Man, I seriously miss being there... My time at Gnurad is definately on the top 3 greatest things to ever happen in my life...

    I wanna go home!

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