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Application Process for Gnurad-Gundidj Campus 2018 Print E-mail

* NOTE: The application process for 2018 Terms has now CLOSED *

Expressions of Interest for 2018 SSL Programs Now Open

The School for Student Leadership (SSL), previously known as the Alpine School operates three campuses:

  1. Alpine School Campus, Dinner Plain
  2. Snowy River Campus, Marlo
  3. Gnurad-Gundidj Campus, Glenormiston

Schools need to express interest, will be offered a team place with allocated gender numbers, and will then be able to select the team and develop the CLP in the knowledge they are "in"!


  1. Download the Expression of Interest Form - 2018 →

  2. See which campus and term your region/school is allocated to

    Cross [Check the regional allocation matrix : Guide to the Liaison Teacher on our website:
    ( ). There should be a time allocation to this role if the school is to have a successful overall experience in this program
  3. Complete an Expression of Interest Form and Send it to the Alpine Campus by the end of Term 2.
    This will apply for all 2018 programs at all campuses.

  4. The Liaison Teacher, Principal and School Council President need to sign the Expression of Interest form. This should be completed by the council meeting in May/June.

  • Schools can express interest in as many programs as they wish within the allocation for their region using the one form for the three campuses, and they should!
  • Country and metro regions will continue to be mixed at each campus each term.
  • Gender representation is still a key factor in a schools success. (Boys still need to be actively sought out to participate).
  • Schools will express interest in a program first and if successful in being allocated a place, then select a team and the team develop a Community Learning Project.

School for Student Leadership - Application & Selection Process

In Term 2 2017, all the expressions of interest for all the terms at all the campuses for 2018 will be accepted at Alpine Admins centre.

  • All the school places, team numbers and gender allocations will be offered in Term 3 for 2018.
    Schools will be able to plan for their 2018 by Term 3 2017 knowing if they have a place, how many students in each team, and what gender mix to recruit for and at what campus.
  • The CLP is still a key feature of the program.
  • The CLP will only need to be developed IF a school has been successful in being offered a place.
  • Schools should use the development of the CLP and selection of their teams, to meet the mix offered, as a simultaneous exercise.
  • The new form uses a weighting for the selection of subsequent teams based upon the success of previous teams.
  • References will need to be sought from previous stakeholders-parents, students, teachers as to the needs of returning students and support structures in the home school.
  • Schools should download the SSL Expression of Interest - Application Form - 2018 →

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