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During Term 4 2019, the following Community Learning Projects (CLPs) related to their school and home communities will be developed and then undertaken by each of the School Teams as part of the School for Leadership program at Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.

Richmond High School Bake Sale for Homelessness Why?
Homelessness is a very prevalent issue in our community and is an aspect of Richmond that needs to be improved for the better.
Manangatang P12 College Coming Soon
Red Cliffs Secondary College Salvo’s Drive in theatre Why?
It is important to us because salvos help all different kinds of people in our community, the difference that we could make in the community and also get the community to come together and have fun is amazing.
Viewbank College Salvation Army/Boots 4 All Drive Why?
We are passionate in helping others who are less fortunate, or in need in getting essentials and sporting goods as well.
Chaffey Secondary College Primary Fun Day Why?
We want to showcase our school and what is has to offer. We want the community to know that our school has a talented group of students and that there are lots of opportunities available at our College.
Bundoora Secondary College Working Bee Why?
We hope to create a positive environment at our school so that it might help students feel more pride and interest in being at school.
Craigieburn Secondary College Anti-bullying Mural Why?
This is a way to make the school look nicer and teach a lesson at the same time
Merbein P10 College College Vegie Garden Why?
Save money for the school by providing produce. Promote a healthier lifestyle to the school community. Promotes school community involvement from our FLOW kids as well as encouraging inclusive action in our college.
Reservoir High School Tapping into Shae Why?
To provide shaded area with seats and better drinking taps.
Murrayville Community College Hay Day Why?
To support farmers in need of water during a drought.
Lavers Hill K-12 College Chairs of the bush Why?
At school there aren’t any seats and it is important to have somewhere people can sit and relax.
Manangatang PT College Mental Health at the Lake Why?
Why? We are going to do a mental health day at the lake with Headspace Swan Hill. This is to provide a supportive get together for our cluster schools as they are quite isolated.

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