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During Term 1 2019, the following Community Learning Projects (CLPs) related to their school and home communities will be developed and then undertaken by each of the School Teams as part of the School for Leadership program at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.

Wonthaggi Secondary College Canned Food Hampers

What?We are providing canned food hampers for people and families in need.
How? Over a period of time, we will rely on donations from people at our local Baptist Church to donate canned food.
Who? The leadership team at the Baptist Church and the local community.
When? Start of term 3, TBC.

Elisabeth Murdoch College Thinking about mental health @ Cruden Farm

What? A community night to raise money for mental health and to spread awareness.
How? We will run a community night at Cruden Farm.
Who? The Langwarrin community and students of EMC.
When? Mid-way through term 3, TBC.

Patterson River Secondary College Awareness of people with disabilities

What? Raising awareness to students about people with disabilities.
How?Organising games of wheelchair basketball.
Who? Students of Patterson River College
When? Term 4

Rosebud Secondary College Rosebud Health Festival

What? Raising money for solar panels in our school/ raising awareness for health
How? Having a festival with speakers/music and stalls with information
Who? RSC students, companies, teachers and shops
When? Spring/end of year

Orbost Secondary College Mental wellbeing

What? Running assemblies from year 5 to 9 to educate them and develop a proper understand of mental wellbeing
How? Plan and discuss with the local primary schools.
Who? Local schools and ran by the Orbost secondary college leadership crew.
When?During 2019 and further.

Bentleigh Secondary College "."

What? TBD
How? Mental health issues social groups
Who? Wellbeing, meditation centre
When? TBD

Korumburra Animal rescue

Because we want to make other people aware of non-wanted animals. We plan to talk to a animal rescue place to make people aware of animal cruelty. This will happen if we find an organisation and work with them. The vet’s pound and rescue shelters can help us. When we get back to school where going to start planning it. Save an animal gain a friend.

Leongatha Secondary College Shoe box and canned food drive

What? Donating useful items and canned food to the salvo’s to give to people in need.
How? - Set up donation boxes in the school office and local supermarkets for cans and useful items to be put in. Let it run for a term, then make up the shoeboxes to take to the salvo’s.

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