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Term 3 2015
On-campus - Waterfall, Rail Trail and Warrnambool - Photogallery Print E-mail

Our on-campus program students explore a waterfall, the Rail Trail and enjoy a rest day in Warrnambool.

Term 3, 2015 -On-campus students photogallery

VYLC Students cool off after hiking and enjoy some Karaoke singing Print E-mail

VYLC students hiking, swimming, karaoke

VIEW IMAGE GALLERY hiking, swimming, and karaoke
VYLC Students - Buddhist temple, markets, Pak Lan Wan visit. Print E-mail

Students experience Zen meditation with a Buddhist monk, exploration of a Pagoda, eating at a Chinese restaurant, shopping in the market and and taking a boat to Pak Lap Wan.VYLC student photogallery

Photogallery - On-campus students Print E-mail

Our on-campus program students enjoy a range of activities - bridge building, exploring Hopkins Falls and the Warrnambool coastline, climbing Mt Noorat, bike riding and lunch duty.

Term 3, 2015 -On-campus students photogallery

VIEW IMAGE GALLERY of on-campus students program
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