Teams in Residence -Term 1 2016

Schools teams in attendance at GNURAD-GUNDIDJ during Term 1 2016 are from:

  • Echuca College
  • Mt Alexander College
  • Rushworth P-12
  • Merbein P-10
  • Werrimull P-12
  • Williamstown HS
  • Wedderburn College
  • Maribyrnong SC
  • Wycheproof P-12
  • Castlemaine SC

31 January 2016 (Student Arrival) – 19 March 2016 (Student Departure)

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Parents Bulletins & Letters - No.1 // Arrival Day!

Parent Bulletin - No 1First letter from Gnurad-Gundidj Campus - Sunday 31 January 2016

Arrival day at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus

Welcome to the community of the Gnurad Gundidj Campus for our term one seven week program.

During the course of the next seven weeks we shall be emailing you several times. These letters will also be posted on our website and a student blog will enable you to see and read about current and daily events. The content of the communication is to assist you with your side of the Gnurad Gundidj Campus experience. The letters will not necessarily deal with individuals and their achievements, but more about the living and learning process all students will be undertaking. We want to provide you with some early reminders and information for your arrival day and to perhaps help you on your return and continued journey.

  • 1st LETTER: View Letter 1: ARRIVAL DAY 31/1/16
    Welcome to Term 1 2016 Gnurad-Gundidj Students

    Gnurad-Gundidj Campus looks forward to welcoming students from the following School teams to start their School for Student Leadership Experience in Term 1, 2016

    • Echuca College
    • Mt Alexander College
    • Rushworth P-12
    • Merbein P-10
    • Werrimull P-12
    • Williamstown High School
    • Wedderburn College
    • Maribyrnong Secondary College
    • Wycheproof P-12
    • Castlemaine Secondary College

    Term 1 2016 SSL program at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus runs 31 January 2016 (Student Arrival) – 19 March 2016 (Student Departure)

    2016 Important Dates - School for Student Leadership - Gnurad-Gundidj Campus

    2016 SSL - Gnurad-Gundidj Campus Program Key Dates

    Year Term DEECD Staff Start SSL Staff Start SSL Student Start PV Weekend CLP Day

    Student Departure

    Staff Finish Date DEECD Finish Date
    2016 1 27 Jan 27 Jan 31 Jan 27-28 Feb 11 March 19 March 19 March 24 March
      2 11 April 11 April 17 April 21 - 22 May 17 June 25 June 25 June 24 June
      3 11 July 11 July 17 July 20 - 21 Aug 9 Sept 17 Sept 17 Sept 16 Sept
      4 3 Oct 3 Oct 9 Oct 12 - 13 Nov 9 Dec 17 Dec 17 Dec 20 Dec

    Expressions close last week of term 2 in the year prior to the program.
    Notification will be given in term 3 of the year prior to the program.
    Community Information evening conducted as time and local requirements dictate in the term prior to program.

    Gnurad Gundidj Campus
    Snowy River Campus
    The Alpine School Campus

    School For Student Leadership

    School for Student Leadership is a Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning projects sourced from students' home regions. There are three campuses in iconic locations across Victoria. The Alpine School Campus is located at Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alps. Snowy River Campus is near the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo in east Gippsland. The third site is adjacent to Mount Noorat near Camperdown in Victoria’s Western District, and is called Gnurad-Gundidj. After consultation with the local aboriginal community, this name represents both the indigenous name of the local area and an interpretation of the statement "belonging to this place". It opened for students in term 1 2009.