Teams in Residence -Term 1 2017

Schools teams in attendance at GNURAD-GUNDIDJ during Term 1 2017 are from:

  • Mt Alexander Secondary College
  • Numurkah Secondary College
  • St ALbans Secondary College
  • Euroa Secondary College
  • Braybrook College
  • McGuire College
  • Williamstown High School
  • Rutherglen High School

Term 1 2017 SSL program at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus starts on
Sunday 5 February 2017 (Student Arrival)
– Saturday 1 April 2017 (Student Departure)

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Parents Bulletins & Letters - No.2

Parent Bulletin - No 2Second Letter from the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus and Community

2nd Letter Home from the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus, Thursday 23 February, 2017

Letter Snapshot

Welcome again to Gnurad-Gundidj Campus. Here we are after more than two weeks already. Time has flown by and I am really pleased with how things are progressing at our school.

Homesickness is a normal emotion at this time in the program, although it does tend to diminish. If you think that your son or daughter is still unreasonably homesick, do call us and we can compare notes, so to speak. None of us can really predict how this anxiety may manifest itself. Our staff members really do make a priority of ensuring students’ wellbeing during these first, more unsettled weeks.

We normally see in our students in their first weeks of living here being very concerned with self. They often ask, “When is dinner? or “Where do I wash my clothes?” On the inside, we feel students are asking, “Who are my friends and how do I fit? Does she like me or what does he think about me?” They are concerned about “me”. This is a very egocentric period. After this normal and possibly “selfish” time, students find themselves comfortable with this day-to-day concern, and tend to identify with their team very strongly: “I belong to ‘Rutherglen High School or ‘Mount Alexander College’, or “I am a city/country person”. Students tend to be placing themselves in a category so they can find their position in a “new social/school order”.

Night-time on Expo - 1A

Students are currently on or preparing for their first expo. I am sure this will challenge many of them, as it involves long distance bike touring and camping overnight. They have undertaken some terrific team building activities, such as “bridge building” where the team construct a bridge to rescue stranded figurines. I know the students enjoy learning in these practical and hands-on ways. I also note how much the students enjoy using their laptop computers and hope you have received lots of emails (or “real” letters, which I might add are highly valued by our students) and maybe some photos about their life here at Noorat and the surrounding lakes and craters!

Michael Castersen

CLP Projects & Visions - Term 1 2017

During Term 1 2017, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

St Albans Secondary College Needs 4 da needing

MOTTO: “Human Love: let’s spread it.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we believe everyone should be equal and everyone has a purpose. Homeless people barely have any of the things they need and are a galaxy away from having the things they want. We want to change that.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What?We will give supplies to the homeless around our area
How? We will fundraise and ask for donations to buy and get donations of supplies and go on public transport to the nearby areas.
Who? We will get a couple of adults to help and supervise, but we will do most of it.
When? Term 2 and 3

Braybrook College Fitness Friday!

MOTTO:“Stay healthy, stay happy.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
This project is important to us because we are involved in the community and we want everyone to be fit and active instead of being unproductive and eating unhealthy foods.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We will make public speeches to schools and the community to tell them about being active and being involved in sports/activities.
How? We can succeed in this project by advertising it with flyers, stalls and permission notes. We will visit local schools and conduct activities and games with healthy snacks.
Who? We will work with Yr. 7-9 and primary school students along with the help of the local community.
When? Term 2: promotions; Term 3: starting project.
Yarrawonga P-12 Raising Money for Cancer

MOTTO:“One person can make a difference.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
It’s important to us because we have a girl in our year who has cancer. 

Our Team's Vision and the Actions We Will Take:

What? We want to raise money for Leukaemia.
How? TBA
Who? Year 9 students from Yarrawonga.
When? TBA

Euroa Secondary College Domestic awareness

MOTTO: “Let’s knock out the violence!”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we are passionate about sharing awareness about domestic violence and helping those in need.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? We are going to hold a fun day to raise awareness for those who have been through domestic violence or care about domestic violence.
How?We will have stalls there with food and maybe some little gifts to take home that will cost a small donation.
Who? The money will go to the White Ribbon Foundation.
When? TBA

Mt Alexander College Autism Awareness

MOTTO: “Open your eyes to the bigger things.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Autism awareness is important to us because everyone should know about it. It is especially important to Ella because her brother has autism.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What?We are going to go to local disability schools to volunteer and fundraise money for autism foundations
How? We will get in touch with local disability schools and autism foundations and talk about volunteering and donating
Who?We hope to have the help of some people from our school.
When?We will volunteer on designated days throughout Term 2 and Term 3.

Numurkah Secondary College Supporting local kids

MOTTO:“Fun for kids!”

“Why is this project important to us?”
This project is important to us because we are all passionate about helping people in need.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:
What? We will hold a fun day at the local showgrounds with lots of fun activities for kids to participate in. By doing this we will raise money to buy toys for the kids ward in our local hospital.
How?We will raise money with the help of schools and other organisations in our community.
Who?We will co-operate with our school, year level students and local recreational clubs.
When?We wish to have this completed by Term 4 in 2017.

McGuire College Connecting Cultures

MOTTO:“The past is now the future.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because they are the traditional owners of this land and their stories, history and culture deserves to be passed down through future generations.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What?An excursion to Barmah and possibly Rumbulara to learn about aboriginal history and culture.
Who?For all the Year 9 students at our school.
How?Fundraise money to pay for transport and activities.
Who? The transition leader and Koori rep at our school as well as other members of the aboriginal community.
When?It will be completed by Term 4 this year.

Williamstown High School Helping the homeless.

MOTTO:“Tackle the real problem.”

“Why is this project important to us?”
Because we all believe that everyone should be equal in the way they live.

Our Team’s Project in a nutshell:

What? A footy family fun day at the Williamstown Seagulls’ stadium.
Who? For anyone who loves footy and wants to support an important cause in Williamstown.
Fundraise money by teams and spectators paying an entry fee.
It will occur during Term 4 this year, or during the footy season.

Term 1 2017 Student Program & Timetable
What's On in Term 1?

The Program Timetable details the EIGHT week program at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus for students participating in Term 1 2017.

This has been included to assist liaison teachers, schools, families and the community to stay in touch with what students are doing on a day to day basis. The Term Timetable also highlights how the day unfolds for students.

Gnurad-Gundidj Campus Term 1 Program & Timetable
Gnurad Gundidj Campus
Snowy River Campus
The Alpine School Campus

School For Student Leadership

School for Student Leadership is a Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning projects sourced from students' home regions. There are three campuses in iconic locations across Victoria. The Alpine School Campus is located at Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alps. Snowy River Campus is near the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo in east Gippsland. The third site is adjacent to Mount Noorat near Camperdown in Victoria’s Western District, and is called Gnurad-Gundidj. After consultation with the local aboriginal community, this name represents both the indigenous name of the local area and an interpretation of the statement "belonging to this place".
Our school community acknowledges the Gunaikurnai, Bidawel and Gundijmara people as the traditional custodians of the land upon which our school campuses are built. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their Elders past and present, and especially whose children attend our school.