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Storytelling, mythology, physics, drama, religion, intrigue and imagination! All of this and more are the hallmarks of the Gnurad Gundidj kite making session. When building a campus in the windy west, many joked that we should teach the students how to fly a kite.... so we did!
With the aid of local historian, traveller, story teller and kite aficionado Ted Mellor, the students are taken on a 2 hour journey exploring the origins, meanings, construction and evolution of the kite. Ted shares stories from ancient China, India and Europe about these flying wonders. Students get to see original examples of kits from all over the world.
Throughout the storytelling, discussion and research, students discover that each unique kite has it’s own symbols, purpose and meanings. Students are then challenged with the notion of “if you could create your own coat of arms on a kite which represents you, what would it look like?”
Students then go about planning, designing and flying their creations. The end results speak for themselves!

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