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Term 3, 2016 - Boort SC Media Release

Hello everyone! It is Zailey, Molly, Kaitlyn and Rory, giving you the first update.

We decided to focus on a single day of the week, we had Bridge Building first up. One of the less successful bridges to be constructed sadly. The construction part was very good, but during the photoshoot, one of the supporting logs had other ideas. Such as breaking at its base, making lots of people wet, and making an interesting before and after of two images! Later that day, we had our first dress up night. We were meant to come dressed in our sports gear, boys came in their finest tiny shirts and shorts. Some came in suits and skins, others borrowed sports bras from girls! Molly and Rory dressed in their cycling attire, Kaitlyn dressed as an 80's inspired sports model and Zailey came in her normal sports outfit, skins and a shirt. We participated in activities, including a spelling bee and a fitness instruction video, with a very over the top instructor!

I hope we gave you a bit of insight into how our second week at Gnurad Gundidj has been. We hope for more weeks like this to come. See you all later!!!!!

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